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Ani Dex! Man, oh man. Have I received something special for all you neckbeards, weaboos, otakus, and Reddit customers. Well, to be sincere, might be of interest to anyone who likes anime, manga, and naked women. Come on. I am The Porn Dude, so I wouldn’t steer you towards something that isn’t stuffed with a bunch of soiled sex.

AniDex, which is short for anime index, has been around in some form or one other since 2011. Since it’s a torrent site, they have to play that cat-and-mouse game with the Internet authorities, switching up the URL as the crackdowns come. AniDex.information has solely been registered for a pair years, but they get about 1.three million visits each month. That tells me they should have some pretty good shit on the menu here. Let’s try.

Hentai Torrents for Porno Anime Freaks

Just actual quick, though: AniDex doesn’t really host a goddamn thing. The website is just a wide listing of anime and Japanese Adult Video, mild novels and manga, Asian motion pictures and video games, plus a bunch of other shit that shall be of curiosity to your typical, sexy fan of massive-eyed cat girls and schoolgirl battle princesses. To obtain anything on the site, you’re going to want a bit of software known as a torrent client. If you want more data than that, Google is your friend. I do porn critiques, not tech assist.

Now let’s get to the good shit. AniDex has a very simple, streamlined format typical of most torrent websites. Actually, let me take that again. I’ve seen a lot of torrent sites which are completely chock-filled with obnoxious spam, and AniDex doesn’t do their users like that. I’ve obtained my spam blocker working, as all the time, nevertheless it doesn’t even appear to be doing anything as a result of the site is so clean.

Beneath a simple header that doesn’t even feature a stylized brand, you’ll find the listings of the newest torrents which were added to the positioning. Like any good, lively, torrent website, the updates come in a short time as users contribute to the expansive directory of anime, hentai, and straight-up Japanese porno.

Find Your Favorite Japanese Cartoon Filth

In truth, most of the materials added at present is Adult Video or subtitled anime. They’ve additionally had a number of pirated Japanese games and a few stay-motion films of Kamen Rider Kiva BD Box. Other formats listed up in the header embrace Light Novel, Manga, Music, Applications, and Pictures.

As a dirty pervert who really only consumes media if it has exposed, bouncing titties and specific penetration, I do wish AniDex was a little bit extra clear about which content material includes which forms of adult materials. The cartoon and comedian books smut is spread out throughout the location, but unless you’re a manga scholar or dedicated hentai fanatic, you could not know primarily based on titles which items are supposed for grownup audiences only.

The best factor for a porn fan to do in the event that they don’t need any household-friendly materials is to fuck with the dropdown within the high right corner of the display screen. By default, you’re taking a look at every little thing the location has to offer, but with a click on or two, you possibly can slim it right down to only the R18+ (grownup) materials.

As with different torrent sites, documentation on each specific file is basically hit and miss. Some torrents are lovingly written up with a full description and a bunch of hyperlinks to pictures that you just’ll see within the full movie, comedian or light novel. Other torrents are completely devoid of any info in any respect, and also you’re left by yourself to determine what it is. As I stated, there’s a bit of a learning curve here that’s going to make things difficult for newbies to the genre(s).

I always end up beating off to these mangas about stomach inflation, tentacle rape, and inverted lactating nipples, however I still don’t know lots of the titles of this stuff. I don’t speak Japanese, either, so all of the torrents with a bunch of kanji for titles are just a goddamn thriller to me. That mentioned, I had the most effective luck discovering the actually dirty stuff on AniDex filed beneath Manga, Pictures, and Adult Video.

Get Your JAV Fix in Torrent Form

Sometimes I see these niche torrent sites they usually’ve got a bunch of torrents listed, however each and every certainly one of them has one or two seeds at greatest. That’s not going to do you any good in any respect. At AniDex, as soon as I loaded up the Adult Videos, I rearranged the complete list by Seeders. Good goddamn, there are some really wholesome torrents here. You JAV fans actually like to share, don’t you?

Just about all the filenames I see are written in Japanese with a basically meaningless serial quantity in Western characters. The most popular, with practically a thousand seeders, is something that I can only read as SSNI-618. Based on the recognition alone, I actually want to know what it is. The description is nearly empty except for a hyperlink to a JPEG on another website. It turns out to be the quilt for the DVD, which includes a plaid-skirted schoolgirl getting felt up and fucked in a classroom.

I checked out a pair extra DVD covers at the high of the list. I found a big-titted teen in a swimsuit sucking cock, a MILF getting a creampie from behind, and an workplace girl who is smiling on the DVD cowl but appears like she’s getting stuffed slightly uncomfortably hard within the thumbnails on the again. Oops!

In typical Japanese Adult Video fashion, many of the genitals are obscured by a nasty little swath of flesh-coloured pixels. It really comes with the territory, unfortunately. I did find numerous movies, mangas and anime information labeled as Uncensored, however you will have to do some bit of digging.

Download Tons of Hentai Now!

That mentioned, I did find lots of fantastic stuff filed underneath Manga. You nonetheless discover lots of inadequately described material, however at least there are plenty of titles instantly of interest to an English-speaking pervert. Hell, the title to A Stepfather Aims His Daughter is fairly broken Asian Engrish, but it’s fairly clear it is a kinky taboo piece.

AniDex does have some minor flaws. Mainly, this isn’t going to be a terribly straightforward website to make use of if you’re not already acquainted with the genres of hentai and Japanese Adult video. If you already know what you’re in search of, though, this place is a goldmine of healthy, nicely-seeded torrents that you can download with very little problem.

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